Pearson = Face Tattoos of K-12 Education

A few weeks ago my students, me and a few hundred thousand of our closest Pearson drone friends nationwide conducted the “PARCC Online Field Test” to help norm Pearson’s testing and figure out whether the K-12 Internets would blowed up.  It was an unseemly experience.

But nowhere near as unseemly as seeing this linked page from the NM PED from Pearson about Common Core. 

In it, “Senior Fellows” from the Pearson so-called think-tank “America’s Choice” (naturally trademarked) Sally Hampton and Phil Daro complete their satanic contract in a series of videos that prove there is literally no low to which “educational consultants” will not stoop in their unseemliness.  One very much needs a Silkwood-level scrubbing after seeing these videos.  I only hope Ms. Hampton and Mr. Daro scored some damn cool seats in the Fourth Level of Hell  (Greed) for their participation.

And I say that as one who likes the gist of  “Common Core.”  Quite a bit, actually.  Only the “Core” at its essential “core” these days seems taken up less with what’s needed academically, and much more on making Pearson and other scuzzy outfits money.  Once we leave it all up to Pearson, we’ve really just donned the face tattoo and admitted that the whole educational charade is nothing but a money grab.  Right?  I could almost palpably sense the tattoo being applied as I succumbed to participate in the “Online Field Test” a few weeks back.  I had to keep checking the mirror to make sure there wasn’t some Tyson-esque residue, or an inked tear below my eye.

But wait, here’s a chance to see some Pearson “webinars” on Common Core!

God, make it stop…only it can’t and it won’t and it don’t stop.  And I mention that only to end on an upbeat Beastie note.




One thought on “Pearson = Face Tattoos of K-12 Education

  1. Still rubbing the tattoo off my face (“Out out damn spot”). All the Costco tootsie roll pops in heaven could never make up for the fact that my “subjects” missed valuable class time, especially those that missed a certain teacher’s class who turned into the wicked witch of the west when realizing their absence could potentially lower her EOC job evaluation score. Thanks Susana and Hanna…

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