Montreal, 5.31.14

Dateline Montreal — I’m spending a month or so in Montreal and environs this Summer, for reasons that will most likely unfold in this series of posts about it.  My plan is to write/think as little about education as possible.  If my doing so is yet another reason not to drop by “Burque Babble,” perhaps… Read More Montreal, 5.31.14

405 and Rising

  Above is the latest from the Albuquerque Public Schools job factory (they is some job creatin’ goin’ on ’round here!), as the number of openings (not including Admin/M&O and such) is now at 405.  And most definitely rising. I must humbly admit I don’t keep good track of such data and, therefore, can’t tell… Read More 405 and Rising

Sins of Our Teacher Evaluation Fathers

Is 99 percent of your workforce effective? Is 99 percent of any workforce effective? Exactly. Thus begins this morning’s editorial from the Albuquerque Journal regarding the new teacher evaluation system.   Where to begin? Let’s start by agreeing with the Albuquerque Journal.  The old “evaluation” system was stupid.  Nobody is claiming otherwise.  Walking into the… Read More Sins of Our Teacher Evaluation Fathers

I am the new Tag 2. Who is Tag 1? You are Tag 9.

The New Mexico Public Education Department is strikingly similar to the theme/setting of “The Prisoner”:  Secretive, Vague and Horribly Outdated.  Or is it? Truth be told, NM PED 2014 and “The Prisoner”  are identical right down to “Rover,” the giant white balloon that suffocates those opposing Susana Martinez who don’t obey. Glug, glug, fellow teachers…… Read More I am the new Tag 2. Who is Tag 1? You are Tag 9.

Friday Distraction 5.16.14: Dexter Gordon, “I Want More”

For those three folks new around here (replacing the three folks who haven’t been here for years), I used to have a little Friday “feature,” the “Friday Distraction.”  Why not bring back such a time non-intensive activity?  And why not start back with Dexter Gordon? Here’s Mr. Gordon in Oslo, 1964 playing “I Want More.”… Read More Friday Distraction 5.16.14: Dexter Gordon, “I Want More”