Revenge of the Jocks, Part MLXVI

There’s nothing like nostalgia.  What else can make us feel so good about terrible crap we had to live through?

Back in the 1970s, when your humble blogger matriculated through a Texas high school, football players were seen as demi-gods and marching band performers as “band queers.”  In those enlightened days, it wasn’t even up for debate:  playing football (or any sport) good, playing music…for “queers.”   Naturally, this “nostalgic” moniker was meant to denote not only that the marching band performer was homosexual, but also a lower life form.

Boy, those days were the best!

Evidently at the last Albuquerque Public Schools Board meeting, Board members Marty Esquivel and Kathy Korte got to take sweet trips down memory lane remembering how great it was growing up in the wonderful world of sports. It was all part of a discussion that led to the District deciding, again, that marching band should not be allowed to replace the state-required P.E. credit.   Esquivel is quoted in the Journal piece saying:  “(Gym class) gives students exposure to coaches” who could introduce them to sports they might not otherwise learn about, board member Martin Esquivel said. (I simply copy/paste this here, as it shows the Journal either doesn’t understand how to use quotation marks correctly, or Esquivel is making some vaguely inappropriate reference regarding lack of clothing).  Korte remarked that her son learned about and took up a sport because of his gym class.   Meanwhile, all marching band kids learn how to do is collectively form the initials of their school on a football field.  And we all know collectivism is communism.  And maybe worse.

Meanwhile, back at the Board meeting, some “Band Directors” then spoke to the Board, but who cares about them?  Who should listen to those kind of people?

Perhaps interestingly, students in marching band must get to school around 6:30 every school day, practice just as many hours as any football player, go to concerts and competitions around the state, and, half the time, end up with more trophies than any of their school’s sports teams.  Oh yeah, they also walk and run around the hallowed football field over and over and over, but they have to do in time with each other while playing a musical instrument (in time with each other) outdoors in wildly varying weather.  Certainly no physical exercise there.

Let’s face it, dressing out for P.E. is sports and America, marching band is for “queers” who probably should be deported.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, APS School Board!  I’m going to go find my Eagles “Hotel California” 8-Track and compulsory gym towel now.


One thought on “Revenge of the Jocks, Part MLXVI

  1. I feel compelled to tell my 70s high-school gym story. My unnamed coach at Highland High School would call me to his office, hand me $5 and send me across the street to Piggly Wiggly to buy him cigarettes.

    My “exposure” to an APS coach taught me many things…

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