Happy 100% Birthday, NCLB!

Sometimes you get so busy, you forget someone’s birthday, don’t get a gift and, boy, do you feel stupid!

That’s how I feel right now.  I’d forgotten that this is 2014, the year No Child Left Behind mandated that 100% of students would be “proficient” in reading/math.  Fortunately, a few folks have reminded me, including Diane Ravitch and Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat.  Still, it’s hard to not feel dumb about spectacular graphs like this:

AYP NM: We're Not Alone and We Can Do Something


And every state in the nation had a graph like this, one with little arbitrary percentages that reflected how piddly their numbers would be in years prior to 2013-2014, before exploding in nirvanic perfection this very school year.  I especially feel dumb as NCLB is technically still around, like a bad case of psoriasis.  PARCC/Common Core/EoC/Teachscape be damned, we’re still supposed to be, by law, at 100% by…uh…now.

NCLB:  It keeps making us feel like dumb failures, even when/because  we’ve all forgotten about it.

My gut tells me that by around 2019, we’ll have largely forgotten all about PARCC/Common Core/EoC/Teachscape as well.  One thing you learn after a while in this education game is that it’s more about forgetting things than learning anything.

Happy Birthday 100%!


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