The Devil Is In the Questions

I admit it, I simply do not care one bit about the PED NM Teacher Evaluation System.  It worries me a bit that others do, but I’ve learned over the years that some folks just like to worry.  I’ve also learned to be a bit less of a jerk and acknowledge that people react differently to things, and that those reacting differently are not necessarily idiots, wrong or enemies of the state.

I just don’t care about the “System” myself.  If I have the little meeting and get put on the little “Performance Plan,” so be it.  If somehow, despite the rapidly worsening teacher shortage (especially in my little neck of the educational woods), I am fired…so be it.  That’s just me.

What crawls like a cockroach up my nether regions, so to speak, is the sheer imbecility of standardized test questions.  I’m not so itchy about the whole “they don’t properly match the standards” meme.  Frankly, I don’t give a shit about the standards.  There I said it.  No…the questions are just dumb.  No grandly moral/intellectual “standard” argument needed.

Example?  Well, I’d had heard/read quite a bit about this 2012 “Hare and the Pineapple” testing debacle in New York State, but until yesterday I’d never seen the actual, ripped in all its “secure materials” glory, story and questions for the NY 8th Grade version of what we in New Mexico call the “SBA.”

I’ve tried, from time to time, to explain how dumb the questions are, but, until one can simply stare and take them in… (look at Question 7, in particular, but there are many “gems” here)

Yep, that’s the sort of “data” our PED NM Teacher Evaluation System is pluggin’ in to that there computer to get them there “VAS” scores, folks.

Garbage In, Teacher Evaluation Out (that almost makes for a handy double entendre slogan, doesn’t it?)


P.S.:  I’ve started to get my PED NM Teacher Evaluation Systems scores, or at least I think I am.  I did a bit of checking around and evidently nobody else is.  Who know what’s going on…it certainly ain’t me.




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