The Ides of May, 2014

A full moon bores into the soul this 4:45 in the May 15th morning.  Your humble blogger is already awake, not because he is so nerdy to wake up, Christmas Day presents-style, to see what Santa Skandera left under the toxic Teachscape Tree.  Although I did just look.  The Teachscape site is down.  And so it goes, as Kurt would say/write.

No, I’m up at this moon-blasted hour because we have a BIG 7:15 staff meeting today, one to which I must simply bike commute.  Bike commuting is always a good idea, but especially when one is faced with a potentially soul-crushing staff meeting (yes, I know that is a redundant phrase).  A good 10-mile bike ride in the early, early moon-turns-to-sunrise morning is the best anti-staff meeting depressant possible.

And this staff meeting shapes up to be a doozy:  teachers moving jobs, moving on, announcements for this, fake tears and valedictions for that.   Some BIG news possible, while under it all the impending release of PED Teacher Evaluation Scores hums and throbs like an abscessed tooth.

This K-12 teaching life just gets better and better!

Oh, settle down, Scot.  We kinda like a bit of drama to finish the year.  Better than the typical drip, drip, drip as we shuffle off to downy annual sleep.  Still, that moon outside is foreboding.  It’s a Shakespearean setting right now in more ways than one, and I’ve read a few of those plays.  Not everybody makes it through.  Who will be Laertes, for example, this morning?  Which of us is Cassius?  You can’t tell the players even with a playbill.

All right…curtains going up.


Act I, Scene I

Scot rides onto stage under burning moonlight.  He winces under his bike helmet from a really bad toothache.


P.S.:  My Teachscape scores, some of them, were up yesterday and gone this morning. To horribly alter the Bard:

Confusion now hath made her masterpiece!
Most sacrilegious Teachscape hath broke ope
The classroom, and stole thence
The life o’ th’ building!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too dramatic…





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