We Really Are All Bozos on This PED Bus

In an effort to be more like the Albuquerque Journal and its education coverage, I’m going to post information here without really understanding it.  Maybe that’s how this new Pulitzer thing works.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, while not wearing my reading glasses, my kindly Assistant Principal showed me my one-pager reflecting NM PED’s view on my teaching practice.  Amid the blurriness, it seemed to indicate that your humble blogger is “highly effective.”  Now if that isn’t an indictment of the whole system, I don’t know what is.

More specifically, the calculation used to derive this status remain fuzzier than any lack of eyesight can equal.  Blindness even.  In particular, I seem to have scored something like a 28.73 for “Student Achievement Measures” out of 35, when it should have been out of 70.  Or at least I think it should have been.  Maybe it’s supposed to be out of 100.  Who the Hell knows?

After seeing this with my 20/140 or so vision, I visited the ever-so-helpful PED website and did run across this hyper-helpful .pdf about “graduated considerations.”  As near as I can tell, “graduated considerations” is this year’s version of the old “Safe Harbor,” in which a school could really suck on their AYP and still be…hell…I can’t remember the term they used to use for “good.”  So many buzzwords, so much time has gone by.  The linked .pdf does its usually ineffective job in bureaucratically explaining why these “considerations” are being employed, but this is followed by a list of tables, none of which seem to explain why I got 28.73 out of 35.

The upshot of it all:  I think PED screwed up on my scores. 

I’m pretty sure they did, in fact.  So what do you do when you think PED inflated your bullshit score?  I think the natural inclination is to dash off to the printers and have some new business cards with “Highly Effective Teacher” embossed upon them in glittery gold.  I’m guessing more than one teacher in NM will do this.  I think, somehow, I can successfully refrain from doing so.

Of course, chances are, PED will realize their error and I’ll get a new score calculation around mid-August or so stating I am suddenly “Minimally Effective” or “Ineffective.”  Or they won’t.  Who the Hell knows?  All I do know is that it’s almost, just about, hang on a minute longer…Summer.  As one who still suffers motion sickness at age 52, I can tell you this Bozo is ready to get off this 2013-2014 teaching bus.  It’s been a ride like that time I went on the green “chicken bus” from Xela to Huehuetenango curving through the mountains and almost through 150 vehicles coming in the opposite direction.  Let me just get off, ethically throw up a few times, and get on with some “real” life for a change.



One thought on “We Really Are All Bozos on This PED Bus

  1. There is no question this is all smoke and mirrors, which is wonderful if it’s a magic show, but this is for far too many a slap in the face when a few kind words would be appropriate.

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