Montreal 6.18.14 Bike Share Update: Bixi C’est de la Merde

Remember just a few days back when I was praising to the multitudes all the wonderfulness of Montreal’s Bixi bike share program? Well, forget everything I said about it.

An overreaction, perhaps.  Still, I did experience a wee bit of dissatisfaction with Bixi yesterday, after it cut off my service after I had used it to ride to Jean Drapeau island/park for a bit of riding through the greenery.  My Bixi key worked fine going out there…then nothing.  Fortunately, Metro has a stop out there and I made it back.  After some communication with the bankrupt bike share provide, Bixi told me some idiocy about a $1.75 charge on my VISA that had not cleared.  I wish $1.75 (Canadian) charges were all I had on my vibrant and growing VISA bill.

Anyway, I was informed all was well late yesterday and back into Bixi good graces.  Then I went out, inserted my key and…



In case my brilliant photojournalism doesn’t convey it, I’ll point out that the key is in the slot and the lights they not be blinkin’.  No Bixi service for Scot.  Bixi has therefore helped my use of French by teaching me how to say “it is shit.”  I plan to repeatedly use my growing French vocabulary every time I stop by a Bixi station to uselessly use my key in coming hours/days.

Oh, and while we’re slamming on Bixi, I ran across a number of downtown Bixi stations sans (that’s French you know) bicycles last evening.



C’est de la merde, as the Montreallers say.  I’ve wondered why many locals have looked askance when “Bixi” was mentioned.  Like the French language, such smirking looks are starting to make sense now.


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