APS 2014-2015 Season Preview

Just like the other Fall sports, Albuquerque Public Schools is gearing up for another season of hard-hitting, action-packed K-12 education.  Teachers are getting in shape by waking up earlier than their Summer usual 8:00 and APS administration is preparing by sharpening their already prodigious skill at dysfunction.  Spectators everywhere are ready for the action, especially with these preseason moves already eliciting wonder, befuddlement and consternation:

  • The state’s Public Education Department has submitted revised teacher evaluation scores to the Albuquerque Journal, but not the Districts or teachers.  This is because the whole “system” has NOTHING to do with improving teacher practice and EVERYTHING to do with controlling the “reform” narrative, winning the Governor’s race in November, and attacking/demeaning teachers.  Edu-sports fans can look forward to another year of “it’s everybody’s fault but mine” from Hanna Skandera and Crew up in Santa Fe, while teachers can look forward to seeing their revised evaluation sometime around, um, uh, sometime.
  • Meanwhile, the APS school board is doing everything it can to raise morale throughout its workforce by:  A.  Trying, then confusingly giving up on trying, to force “good” teachers to go to “bad” schools through the new Union contract;  B.  Having its Board President unilaterally hire a private investigator to snoop on Superintendent Winston Brooks for reasons that nobody will divulge;  C.  Making life far too easy for Hanna Skandera and Crew up in Santa Fe through its own internal squabbling, undermining of District leadership and incredible inability to agree on anything.
  • With only two working days to go until Opening Day 2015, there are still almost 300 job openings at the APS website, an even far more than normal absurdly large number in Science and Math.  STEM is broken, so to speak, and fans will be keen to see how this helps when it comes to the ever-growing number of End of Course (EoCs) exams given in these subjects.
  • And, on the subject of EoCs, nobody knows how kids did on these tests last year because Hanna Skandera and Crew up in Santa Fe are still deciding how to massage the numbers in a way that both controls the narrative and best helps them win in November.
  • Because it’s ALL ABOUT THE KIDS, right sports fans?

Burque Babble plans to cover all the edu-sports action in New Mexico this exciting teaching/election season, or at least as much as your humble blogger can follow without philosophically projectile vomiting all over his keyboard.  I’m buying one of those plastic slip-covers in case this happens.  It’s gonna be that kind of year.  Hang on tight, sports fans.


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