The Pleasantville World of the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board

Heck, let’s just cross-post this thing.  Apologies, but maybe some of you folks haven’t run across the latest ill-informed editorial from the libertarian-meets-Gene Autry Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board.  Below is a little response from your humble blogger about it.  Somebody has gotta get these folks a tiny bit closer to living in the 21st Century and away from their apparent reliance on  “Howdy Doody” for insights into today’s youth and education.

 Quoting from the editorial:

“The Twitter debacle prompted the board to decline extending Brooks’ contract, instead placing him on an improvement plan. And while everyone can and should strive to do better, that’s not really what taxpayers want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for while their kids can’t read a cereal box or make change for a dollar.”

Dear Editorial Board: Your “cereal box/dollar” reference is cute and melodramatic, but not quite accurate. Have you taken a look at the actual questions from a NM SBA? Have you taken a standardized test sometime in the last few decades? Not that it’s a great test or anything, but making informed statements requires looking at the actual test. Here’s the 2014 practice test for 11th in NM.

And below are links to half of the more newfangled “Common Core” test (with annotated graded responses) from 2014 in New York for 8th Graders in both English Language Arts and Math. No, we’re not testing on reading a cereal box here or making change for a dollar. Whether we should or not is another discussion, but, dear Board, get an idea of what’s actually going on before making such an uninformed melodramatic statement.’


Maybe they’ll read this little comment, take the actual tests and completely transform the Board’s position on standardized testing, educational reform and Hanna Skandera.  Wake up, Scot, now you’re living in Howdy Doody Time.


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