It’s a *Manly Man’s Life as APS Interim Superintendent

My favorite part of the job requirements for Interim APS Superintendent is that they are still requiring the following:

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by the incumbent to successfully perform the essential functions of this job with or without reasonable accommodation:

  • The employee must occasionally lift and move up to 25 pounds in supplies which requires bending, stooping and lifting.
  • The employee must use hands and arms to manipulate objects.
  • The employee must use keyboards, tools and other controls.
  • The employee must sit and stand for long periods of time.
  • The employee must have normal vision and hearing with or without aid.
  • The employee must be able to move about assigned location unaided during the day.”

Because we all know how important lifting 25 pounds is in this job.  I mean, it’s just a given that someone who couldn’t lift 25 pounds couldn’t possibly do a better job than Winston Brooks, Brad Allison, Joey Vigil and other past APS Superintendents.  Stephen Hawking, for example, would be absolutely incapable of doing a better job than the aforementioned past Superintendents.  I apologize for even bringing up this most obvious fact.  *Or should I say “Burly Person’s.”  Dr. Beth Everitt might have been no great shakes, but the last few men in this gig have not exactly edified the position.



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