APS Job Opening Update 8.24.14: Does the Term “Boatload” Mean Anything to You?

Remember that “job fair” Albuquerque Public Schools held last month, and how the general feeling was that it was a success and everything was just about normal?  Remember when APS Public Information Officer Monica Armenta was quoted in the following paragraph by KOB?

Armenta said there’s more jobs to fill this upcoming school year than last, but not by much. The reason? It could be anything, like teachers retiring. “It’s not unusual to have a lot of turn over,” said Armenta.

Remember that?  Well, here’s a look at the current, 8.24.14, openings from the APS Jobs Page:

APS jobs 8.24.14For those not wishing to click on my state-of-the-art Paint cropping work above (or break out the magnifying glass), it shows 288 total openings, including 97 in Special Education and 70 in Elementary.

Just remember to think like Monica Armenta and Tom Jones.  Just remember all is well, there’s nothing to see here and…


5 thoughts on “APS Job Opening Update 8.24.14: Does the Term “Boatload” Mean Anything to You?

  1. Thanks for shedding a light on this problem. I don’t think anyone from APS to PED is taking this seriously. They have been playing the warm body waiver/internship license game for so long they don’t even realize most of their sped teachers can’t write a decent IEP. Most if the sped teachers who had their masters are either gone or on their way out the door. I really want the media to do an investigative report on how many warm bodies on waivers are being used to replace the highly qualified teachers pushed out by Hanna and a few over zealous, butt smooching principals!

  2. Now, a week later, the numbers have actually increased–was 288 and now is 291. Not a big increase but one would hope that in a week’s time, APS would be able to fill positions.

    Indeed, worth public notice.

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