More Hardhitting Reporting from Your Eyewitness KOB News Team: Teacher Vacancies

Your humble blogger, and others, have continued to point out the combined brain drain and lack of even somewhat warm bodies when it comes to filling teaching positions within Albuquerque Public Schools in recent months.   For example, here.

Today, KOB-TV is ON THE CASE, probing, delving and investigating as only a local TV affiliate can.  Which is to say, not very much probe and damn little delve.

Here’s the hard-hitting report (I can’t bring myself to watch the video, which isn’t strange, as I haven’t seen a local TV news show in, geez….it’s going on three or four years now).

So brandishing the uber-facts of the many current vacancies, APS responds with:

The district says this happens every year, and that despite the shortage, students are still getting the education they deserve.

You’ve probably noticed this is a paraphrase and not even a direct quote.  Guess the reporter’s pencil couldn’t write that fast.  Naturally, the report generally takes this balderdash as incontrovertible fact and generally pats us readers/viewers on the head as if to say (in a lilting falsetto, while holding a wand festooned with a bright, shiny star at the end), “there, there, worried news observer, the APS news fairy has announced all is well.  Be comforted, if ill-informed!  Now stay tuned for a special report on the Green Chile Harvest!”

Saying something snarky like “we’ve always been at war with Eurasia” would be a waste of time here, wouldn’t it?


P.S.:  Note the comments to the story, including one with a bit of actual math that goes beyond the APS drivel so well sucked and regurgitated by the “reporter.”



One thought on “More Hardhitting Reporting from Your Eyewitness KOB News Team: Teacher Vacancies

  1. When I said I really want the media to do an investigative report on how many warm bodies on waivers are being used to replace the highly qualified teachers pushed out by Hanna and a few over zealous, butt smooching principals, this is not what I had in mind, KOB.
    However Scot, you always bring a smile to my face!

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