Copies and Albuquerque Public Schools: The Geddy Lee Connection

As we are always saying in K-12 education:  “Won’t somebody think about the late-70s ProgRock?”

The latest brouhaha in Albuquerque Public Schools is about paper.  Trees.  Yes, about the legendary Canadian three-piece ProgRock outfit Rush.

Okay, it doesn’t have anything to do with pretentious songs fraught with fake meaning.  One could more piercingly say the paper/copy fight is about the uselessness of textbooks, teacher v. District control, bad contracts with Xerox, and any number of things.

But it also involves paper.  I’ll come out of the leafy closet and admit that I’m THAT guy.  The guy who is always clamoring that we must print fewer things and trees and clear-cuts…and has even been known to attach photos of clear-cuts like below to emails about copies.


I know, what a jerk.

Still, lost in the brouhaha is the idea of conservation.  It’s all about numbers, exceeding that number and whether that number should exist.  Nowhere in the fight has there been any mention of reducing the number via even the simplest ideas, such as two-sided copying.  I don’t know about your school, but my fellow staffers have a 2nd Amendment-type fervor toward the one-sided copy.  They will start two-side copying when the gummint takes their icy, cold dead fingers off the “print” button.  One-sided copyin’ is a fundamental right of ‘Mericans.

We basically have one of them there “militias” at my school, preserving the right to waste paper.  Maybe your school is different, but I doubt it.

So too, the District, to my reading, has NEVER brought up ideas about conserving paper/copy usage.  It’s all about vague dictates, which, of course, the District hides from.  The District is like one of the pretentious tree-types in that stupid Rush song, I can’t recall whether it’s the Maples or what (as I never, ever, want to hear that song again), acting like a little passive-aggressive little brat, the kind with deciduous leaves and a copious canopy.  It’s not about educating teachers, or sharing ideas:  that would be insane.  No, instead it’s about power and dictates and cracking down and “NO!”.


Shit…it’s IS all about that stupid Rush song!




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