The Friday Distraction on Thursday: Bob, Scarlet and “Oh, Sister”

I’ve been a Dylanologist since even before the day me and my fellow 12 year-old friend asked his mom:  “What does ‘juiced in it’ mean?”  The Mom waited, appropriately, before not exactly answering that question.  I applaud her now, forty years removed, for that pause.

Anyway, as one ages and Dylan ages and we go through periods, development as it were, of Dylan fandom, it has come to me that the whole “Rolling Thunder” period and the album “Desire” are the absolute apex of a singer/songwriter whose nadir and toenail is far superior to the work and toenail of just about everyone else walking Planet Earth now or previously.  I realize that means “Blonde on Blonde” is not an apex work…and that is silly even to contemplate.  Still, for me, now, it’s Rolling Thunder.  So, a video and whimper about another one gone away.

First, here’s Bob and the wondrous Scarlet Rivera with “Oh Sister” and “Simple Twist of Fate”

Second, there was a truly captivating full concert captured in Fort Collins, CO that now seems lost to YouTube.  It’s got Joan Baez and Scarlet in headdresses and you can find the single tune from it here and there. If you can, find the whole set(s).  Here’s Joan cussing and drinking coffee from  a Styrofoam cup.  It’s far from the best part of this show, but it’s pretty damn good stuff.

Have a good weekend, Friday included, everybody…


P.S.:  The more astute of Dylanologists might note that Emmylou Harris is AWOL on the “Oh Sister” above.  True.  If anyone can find a live YT performance of Ms. Harris playing with Bob on that tune, I’d paid money, but I’m fairly sure it didn’t happen.  She was only on the record.  Or am I wrong?  I’d love to be wrong.

Hell, while I’m editing my many mistakes, here’s Emmylou in full 80s regalia with my single-favorite Emmylou tune “Beneath Still Waters.”  She sang with Gram and Bob and did this.  Wow.  What did I say about toenails above?




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