News From the Teaching Front: Hey You, Put On This Mask!

I’ve spent the last three weeks away from WordPress over at Twitter;  just in case you were wondering.  It’s fun over there;  much more hi-speed and you don’t have to contend with the actual creation of prose, or WordPress (which seems glitchier and glitchier these days, don’t it?).  Instead, you get to spend 10 seconds writing fairly regular sentences of 280 characters in length, followed by 10 minutes of trying to get them to fit in 140 characters.  Nothing you didn’t already know, but just explaining my whereabouts.

So that’s whither me?  How about whither public school education in New Mexico?  A far more interesting, yet depressing topic, and one that no number of characters can fully sum up.  So in Twitter-esque we’ll just 140 or less by writing:  Things be screwed up.

I’m just gonna leave it at that, lazy me, and direct you back to the Twitterverse, where I and a few other folks are digesting and performing other bodily functions on trying to deal/figure out what the state of public school education is and will be.  So far, it involves wearing gas masks and lots and lots of antibiotics.  Things be screwed up.

I’ll pop back over here from time to time, deal with WordPress a bit and luxuriate in the freedom of >140.  Still, given all that’s going on right now, it’s hard to see unraveling any true sense of things in under >140,000,000,000.   And who wants that, me included?

Twitter handle:  @jscotkey (and no, I don’t really enjoy writing/mentioning that “at sign” much…btw, did you know the symbol @ is called the “apenstaartje” in Dutch?)

Meanwhile, enjoy your February all, and teachers:  Remember to never take off the gas mask.  Ever.  Especially for the rest of this Semester.


P.S.:  I’ve also taken, as you might have noticed, to writing overly long and uninformative comments to @ABQJournal stories on education.  I do so with the misguided notion that I might actually be informing some readers of that publication in ways they don’t seem to experience from the actual stories.  There’s also the fact that more folks are almost certainly reading those misguided notions than tend to drop by here.  What a marketing genius, misguided, I am!  What a “social media” maven!  Okay, I’ll stop there;  the laughing at myself is making it too hard to type.




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