NMPSPE Film Festival Weekend Edition #1: PARCC, Zappa and “The Torture Never Stops”

This one goes out to everybody who had to shepherd and police the milling throngs of PARCC test victims yesterday on the first Friday of STGW.  Looking somewhat from afar myself, the milling chaos looked every bit as horrible as the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds of this clip from Frank and Crew performing what might be everybody’s least favorite FZ tune, especially until Frank stops “singing” the dopey lyrics and picks up the guitar.  Those not enthralled by Frank in his 1977 puffy pajamas phase of concert couture and demeanor will want to skip right to the 2:30 mark.

Still, it’s Zappa and the song title perfectly fits what yesterday was like, and will continue to be like day after day after day after day…

At least we have the weekends to recover a bit of our sanity and professional self-respect.  *Wash those brains thoroughly this weekend, fellow teachers.


*And to help  that “washing,” as it were, there’s another song on this clip that fits perfectly in another strange and uncomfortable way.



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