NMPSPE Film Festival, Weekend Edition #3: PARCC Stepping Stones

Oh deary, we almost missed our Film Festival Weekend Edition in a weekend of bike rides, theater attendance and an abiding dislike for the Albuquerque Journal.  But here we go with a song that keeps going through my head during every bike ride, especially those commutes to work.

Where will Governor Susana Martinez be in three, four or five years?  Whither Hanna Skandera?  Nobody knows, I guess, but we all know it’s very likely they will end up some place far away (no, not Fort Leavenworth…that isn’t even funny!) fresh from having mendaciously stepped directly upon and over the kids of New Mexico, the teachers who have tried teaching those kids despite all the roadblocks thrown by Skantinez (or Martdera, if you prefer), the rights of both kids and teachers and any semblance of rational thought or sane educational policy.  That’s a lot of steppin’.

I considered the Sex Pistols version, but let’s go with a synced version of “The Monkees” single along with some killer maracas work by Davy Jones in the TV show.  For those not alive in 1966, yes…everything really looked and everybody really danced like this back then.  It’s uncanny how realistically this clip depicts life in 1966.  I should know…I was five years old.


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