NMPSPE Film Festival, Day XXXI: PARCC Knowns and Unknowns = 100% (Show Your Work)

A Known, Unknowns and Not-Knowns Double Feature:

First, an inexplicably obscure Festival film today with Marshall Brickman’s “Simon” (1980).  Alan Arkin’s titular character is the brainwashed victim of a “think tank” who convince him he is a space alien, among other things.  There’s a great line in the film that I can’t seem to either remember exactly or find via the Internetz, but it goes something like:  “I do not know what I do not know,” said in a very serious, pompous tone by Simon/Arkin.  If you haven’t seen this film, do so.  I wonder why it’s so lowly rated on IMDB, but people, what do they know?  Here’s the most famous scene in this very unfamous film, one in which Arkin depicts the history of evolution in about two minutes:

Post-Intermission, here’s the trailer for Errol Morris’ look into the Simon-esque mind of one Donald Rumsfeld in “The Unknown Known” (2013).  I can think of no film I’ve seen this decade that so had me wanting to literally punch the screen and anybody around me I could find.  Maddening in a way reminiscent of the current PARCC spin.  The entire film can be found via the usual known and unknown channels.

I’d write “enjoy” here, but it’s better to list our second film today as “Difficult Viewing.” Kind of like a John Hudak record in film form, but far more grating.  More like Lou Reed’s infamous “Metal Machine Music,” perhaps.




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