NMPSPE Film Festival, Day XXXVIII: PARCC is a Dead Shark

Let’s look at how things are going for the Undynamic Duo of PARCC and Smarter Balanced (SBAC) standardized tests:

  • States are leaving both “consortia” in increasing numbers;
  • One, SBAC, didn’t get the “Interim” practice tests out until it was time for the real thing, the other hasn’t even determined what a passing score is on its tests;
  • Unprecedented numbers of kids/parents are refusing to take them, despite oodles of strident threats about “lost funding” from doing so;
  • Many States are deciding that scores from them won’t be used, as originally planned, for student advancement and teacher evaluations;
  • PARCC SpEd accommodations specifically identified in legally-binding IEPs , such as text-to-speech to have passages/questions read via headphones, don’t work properly; and,
  • SBAC is such crapware the whole thing has blowed up on several occasions and States are deciding whether to even bother at this point.

Yeah, other than the above, things are going pretty darn well for PARCC & SBAC. Concerning the relationship between United States students, parents and educators, perhaps Woody Allen in “Annie Hall” (1977) succinctly sums things up best:


My school gets to revisit the Dead Shark Known as PARCC starting tomorrow. It’s gonna be pretty darn smelly around the ‘ol Library and Computer Labs by the end of our revisitation. what with all that rancid flesh. You’ll barely be able to smell the burned broccoli cooking in the school cafeteria over the stench of Dead Shark.

Whoo.  Hoo.



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