NMPSPE(!) Film Festival, Day XLI: Reductio ad Testing Absurdum

Yesterday, the Festival looked at how the film “Office Space” was like “real life” for APS employees.  Today, it’s even more like it, unsurprisingly.  In short, the End-of-Course exams we weren’t going to administer, due to the NM Public Education Department not getting them out on time, will now, also, be administered.  Thank God!  The Film Festival therefore rolls on all the way to the very last days of school.  Testing overlords be praised!

Yes, we NM educators are going to pool our printing resources, gird our copying loins and, together, achieve the totally not impressive feat of reproducing a vast array of tests that still don’t have “blueprints” to follow in terms of teachers actually knowing what material is covered by them.

What film does this elicit for today’s screening?  Well, when the going gets this absurd, you gotta go full absurdity.  So we’re pulling out the Monty Python today like that cyanide pill we hide in our cloak just for this purpose.  From a film I watched as an 8th grader that I can honestly say changed my life (and the jury is still out on whether that change has been a good thing), here’s one of the many scenes we could play in response to the madness that truly is your public schools circa-2015.  Testing overlords, brave and resolute as you are, we humbly submit the following scene as depiction of your brave leadership and bravely unwavering stance that kids and teachers be bravely tested to death.  Cue the minstrels…

And as an added feature, here’s “the two Johns” the “twin quasars of rock” They Might Be Giants performing “Everything Right is Wrong Again” live in 1987.  The song title pretty much sums it all up.


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