NMPSPE Film Festival, Day LXIII: Living in the PARCC Crazy House, Over and Over and Over

Our first repeat screening in the Film Festival because, well, we educators are definitely in some sort of “crazy house” here.

The United States Department of Education has rejected Colorado’s request for waiver based on the State’s prescient idea that fewer than 95% of its kids/parents might want to take its stupid standardized test for 2015.  US Education Secretary Arne Duncan says the Feds “have an obligation to step in” if kids/parents don’t want to take his stupid standardized tests.

We’re in full “Nurse Ratched” Mode here, folks.  Again from Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1975), here’s Jack Nicholson trying to rally the “crazies” to overcome Ratched’s objection to watching the World “Oh Say Can…” Series.  That this scene, both as film and institution, is so poignantly appropriate to our educational times is professionally somewhat shattering.


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