NMPSPE Film Festival, Day XLVI: PARCC Isn’t Above Stealing Your Bicycle

A short post today, yet filled with symbolism.  Vittorio de Sica’s “Bicycle Thief(ves)” (1948) is both a classic of Post-War Realism and a darn good analogy to PARCC.  See, in this scene, our hero/protagonist, let’s call him “Teacher Guy,” is simply trying to do his goddamn job, when Pearson/PARCC comes by and steals his goddamn bicycle (teaching MoJo).  *Bastards.


Or, to again misquote a Woody Allen movie, perhaps the bicycle here simply represents his work-related transportation.  Meanwhile, today is my last day of directly administering PARCC, 2015. New Mexico teacher “Summative Evaluations” come out tomorrow.  It’s always something, and these days usually something bad that has nothing to do with actual teaching.  Thanks figurative bicycle stealing bastards.


*The word “bastards” here replaces about 1,000,000 words in film criticism/ontology that I could totally bore you with.


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