NMPSPE Film Festival, Day LIV: KOYPARCCISQATSI, Education Out of Balance

I swear it’s taking longer to finish Testing Season 2015 than it takes this damn 747 to take off.

Urban freeway traffic is the focus of the still frame of the clip above from Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 look at modern life, “Koyaanisqatsi,” but it’s the damn airplane I remember most from this scene. Philip Glass singers and that damn airplane. Only trouble is, we can’t have Philip Glass playing through the school intercom system. Hell, we can’t have school bells most days of Testing Season. Disrupts the testing process; you know, what used to be called the “educational process.”

When is this damn airplane gonna take off?

Day Two of EOC testing for my school today. Yesterday we learned we’re to give EOCs to kids who just enrolled at our place in the last week or so. Test ’em all, let Skandera sort out the teacher evaluation scores, I always say. Okay, I never say that. Not once.

When is this damn airplane gonna take off?

You know when Testing Season 2015 is over? When the kids ain’t coming to school anymore. We’re gonna test ’em right up to the shaving cream/water balloon fight at the nearby park. Hell, we might give ’em an EOC on shaving cream/water balloon fighting. Why the Hell not? We’re testing Art, P.E. and Home Economics. If we can test creating a still-life, chin-ups and making pancakes, we can sure as Hell test throwing water balloons.

Do I have to ask the question again? You know, the one about the plane? Let’s change the question to this: Can I just get off the plane? Now?


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