NMPSPE Film Festival, Day LV: I Heart Teaching, Not Testing

This one goes out to all the New Mexico teachers who don’t quite fit the numbers and profile needed to be found consistently “effective” in the horribly constructed, statistically irrelevant and arrogantly flaunted bullshit that is the *Public Education Department Teacher Evaluation System.  Of course, that category includes just about all teachers, so let’s narrow Dustin Hoffman here in David O. Russell’s 2004 oft-reviled (I’m guessing Hanna Skandera isn’t a fan, for instance) “I Heart Huckabees,” as cinematic manifestation of those teachers who resolutely continue to teach “the blanket” instead of PARCC test prep or EOC study sheets.

Alright…time for me to get ready.  Only eight more school days  to teach “blanket.”  And just like the previous 172, I’ll love every one of them.

*The blackboard in the back also serves to symbolize the math/statistics behind the “System.”  I’ve checked exactly one teacher evaluation so far and found that the math in it is 100%, absolutely, incontrovertibly…wrong.  The numbers just don’t add up properly.  Period.  Makes you wonder just how garbage the numbers are within the black box that leads to what teachers see in their “informative” five-pagers.


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