Time to Ramp Up, 2015-2016

Where were we?

My bicycle tour of 2015 is over, the watching of the far less important Tour de France is mid-Pyrenees and all that means it must be time to start thinking about K-12 education again.

Really?  Do I have to?

It is a bit of a daunting proposition, to wade once again into the shark-infested, sewage-filled waters of Educational Policy circa-2015.  Still, heart of hearts and all that, I love it (cue psychoanalysis).  Summer 2015 has the Feds debating long-awaited updates/changes to ESEA  via the “Every Child Achieves Act,” once again titled to ensure eventual, inevitable lack of success. We also have the New Mexico release of PARCC scores and school “grades,” about which we know less than ever, thanks to the wonderfully transparent “outreach” of the Public Education Department.

It’s a fun time to talk public schools, folks, really it is.

So I guess I’ll get back into it, although you’ve already found hundreds of other places that do it well, very well, in fact.  The one thing we have going here is that “we” have a New Mexico/Albuquerque focus here at Burque Babble, and there is a bit of a dearth when it comes to a local look at these issues. Instead, there’s the occasional national/worldwide piece, such as this one in Slate, pointing out just how stupid New Mexico is.

We don’t need outsiders (“carpetbaggers” you might call them) to point out how stupid we are.  We can DO THAT OURSELVES, AMERICA!

So let’s get started.  Put on these shark/sewage-repellent goggles, folks, you’re gonna need ’em.


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