Test Scores, Gambling, Pay-Offs and More Testing: The NME for Week of 10.19/10.23.15

Over the years, Burque Babble has had a little Friday tradition called the “Friday Diversion.”  It has never caught on like “Throwback Thursday” and I guess “Follow Friday (FF)” on Twitter probably gets more usage than any single “Diversion” has times approximately the grains of sand at Ipanema Beach.

So let’s try something new.  Given the sheer amount of news on a weekly basis concerning Albuquerque Public Schools, how dumb Albuquerque Public Schools is, how venal the New Mexico Public Education Department is in its current guise, the crisis in our standardized testing addiction and all other issues within the scope of “New Mexico Education (NME),” we might need a weekly NME recap, one featuring only a sentence or two regarding each story, as anything longer would lead to book-length instead of blogpost-length entries.

NME Week of October 19-23, 2015

Dateline Jay McCleskey’s laptop (i.e., the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board): In response to the general, vague and only high school classes release of  PARCC scores, the Journal completes the three step process of polishing its standardized testing turd:

  1. Create a test in which you determine a passing grade AFTER you get all the tests turned in;
  2. Manically spread news of how horrible the test scores are while placing the the results in an “embargo” from public dissemination;
  3. Celebrate” the success of the terrible scores, upon release, by proclaiming them not as bad as you told us they would be.

Given the level of marketing/public relations, you’d almost think the PARCC cabal is selling unhealthy soft drinks or cigarettes instead of education. Oh wait, they are.

Dateline Scot’s Laptop:  Meanwhile, your humble blogger gets off his lazy butt and finds out New Mexico kids did pretty darn lousy on last May’s Advanced Placement (AP) tests.  This startling news reverberates from one end of his at-home work cubicle to the other.  The rest of New Mexico and the world is completely unaffected.

Dateline New York Times and Beyond:  In non-education news, Albuquerque and New Mexico make national headlines for a variety of things your humble blogger doesn’t even want to type or think about.  When your week’s most upbeat news story concerns some forlorn gambling-addicted secretary of state resigning to cop a guilty plea, you know you’ve had a rough week.

Dateline Santa Fe:  A judge and PED’s Hanna Skandera decide to allow APS and its school board to pay off disgraced former highly temporary Superintendent Dr. Luis Valentino (his doctorate was in hiring decisions! Okay, I made that up), but only after sternly wagging their fingers and telling everyone how morally superior they are.  Skandera also threatens the APS Board with time-out and withdrawal of recess privileges if she hears one more buy-out offer come out of APS Board President Don Duran’s mouth.

Dateline Every Language Arts and Math classroom/computer lab/library turned into testing factory farm in APS: Standardized Testing 2015-2016 (this year’s motto:  Now With Even Less Time for Commie Teachers to Inject Curriculum With Their Wicked Communist Indoctrination!) kicked off with the “Something, Something Interim Assessment,” an online test so new teachers literally had no idea if it would actually happen thirty minutes before they wasted a school day leading the calves into the testing chutes.  Your humble blogger’s kids did take the test and their lives have now been eternally made better from finding out how poorly they respond to incredibly dumb reading passages about things your humble blogger cannot tell you about because he’s not supposed to look at the test.


Alright, that’s the report in this inaugural  NME.  Have a good weekend recovering for all of the above, folks!




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