Ohio School Officials Talk Trash While Dumping PARCC


My Thanksgiving meals (emphasis on the “s,” as I’m into about the sixth course of leftovers this Friday afternoon) have left me just about unable to reach my hands to the keyboard.  The word “girth” comes strongly to mind here.

So no long diatribe and I’ll instead largely copy/paste part of this recap of how Ohio K-12 officials are responding to the release of PARCC scores.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Ohio and New Mexico’ public education department weren’t largely comprised of members of the same political party.  Ohio, unlike the increasingly isolated NM/PED, dumped PARCC immediately after administering this past school year, and perhaps this is freeing up Ohio school officials a bit more to say what everyone really thinks of PARCC, NM school officials not named Hanna Skandera included.

“I met with the state’s assistant superintendent, with other local superintendents and the overall sentiment was the same: This testing information is not valid,” said Elyria Superintendent Tom Jama. “Everyone knows it is not valid, but it is still being used.”

Why isn’t PARCC valid in Ohio?  Same factors as in New Mexico for starters: opt-outs, students who put “zero effort” into the test, 8th Graders taking Algebra no longer lumped with 8th Grade scores, etc.  More holistically, Avon Lake Superintendent Robert Scott points out PARCC’s true worthlessness exactly how you wish Santa Fe’s Joel Byrd and APS’ Raquel Reedy would:

“Focus on testing wastes the most valuable resources we have in education — the energy and time of our teachers and students,” he said. “There is a place for reliable and valid state and national testing, but it has to be only part of the plan focused on the success of all students. A test never taught a student.”

Meanwhile on the ever-more-lonely, icy educational planet that is New Mexico, we’re still stuck with Hanna Skandera’s garbage about  a “new proficiency baseline.”

I can’t say I’ve ever dreamt about moving to Ohio before.  Better sleep off all these leftover meals and dreamily imagine life in Toledo, Columbus or Elyria…wherever the Hell that is.



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