The Tuesday Distraction: “Clean Break” by the Talking Heads

Some teachers call it “closing the door to my classroom,” while others call it leaving the classroom altogether. How does one get away from all the “white noise” of K-12 teaching circa-2015?  As we wind down Fall Semester 2015, I find it personally helpful to distract myself from the noise by having this Talking Heads song play, “turned up to 11,” in my head, body and soul.

Yes, it also has certain lyrical symbolism for me. Pointedly so. But mainly it provides some layer of mental buffering between my cerebral cortex and posting yet another diatribe about certain unnamed parties to whom I’ve referred in the past 312, or so, consecutive posts.  I think a “clean break” from those diatribes is certainly in order.  What’s that?  You agree?  Pointedly so?

And remember Teachers:  You gotta play it in your head real, real loud.  So loud you can’t even hear the “Morning Announcements.”




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