2014-2015 New Mexico School Grades, “Final Exam”: Dropping Out of School

Let me start by mentioning that I absolutely detest the word “branding.”  I’m sure I’d hate it if I were a cow, but, of course, the “branding” I’m talking about here is marketing/salesspeak (ergo: worthless) for what people are supposed to think when they hear the word/phrase associated with something.  Even worse is the word “re-branding,” which would really be Hell on a cow, but means…well you know what it means.

So why is Burque Babble babbling in this horrific salesspeak?

Because despite its extreme vapidity, salesspeak still somehow sounds less vapid than simply stating the following:

I’m sick to death of education and education policy

I get a veritable emotional/literal ulcer every time I even think about anything having to do with education outside the individual teacher classroom. And as I no longer have an individual teacher classroom, I gotta take a break.  There’s far too much else in this world to gaze upon, love, cherish and complain about than (insert expletive here) K-12 education policy.

Which gets me to the vapidity of “branding” and “re-branding.”

Burque Babble has almost exclusively spent the last, I dunno, eight years, inadequately relishing how great the practice of teaching is, while overwhelmingly ranting about how everything in K-12 education in this school/district/state/country (anything outside the individual teacher classroom) is a complete disaster.

“Shrill” is a word that comes to mind. “Whiny” may well be another some less charitable folks use to describe what this here blog has become. I can see that. I get it.  Shrill and why. Yes.  Still, K-12 education really is messed up. Really.

But enough of that.

And enough plaintively looking through what are surely highly fabricated NMPED “School Grades,” corporate sell-out legislation (e.g, “ESSA”) backed by corporate sell-out teacher unions and disingenuous sales pitches between the Cokes and Pepsis of “education reform” determining who ends up with the biggest slice of the burgeoning schoolchildren business market.

Enough of all that, most of all.

In short, and in conclusion, for now, it’s time for Burque Babble to do something else. To “re-brand.” To still exist, but to treat K-12 education policy like one of those telenovelas you take a 12-month hiatus from and come back to find that the plot is 99.999% identical.  My 12-month hiatus (or more) begins with today’s episode, so to speak.

I’ll still be blogging.  I’ll still be relishing this and ranting about that, but the topic will be…well, I don’t rightly know exactly. Let’s just *roll the freedom of escaping the morass around for a little bit; something will likely come to us.

My emotional/literal ulcer feels 100% better already.



*Yes, the use of the word “roll” here could have a bit of double-meaning. Could…








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