Elsewhere in Bike Lane Controversy: Lincoln, Nebraska

The state of Nebraska has devilishly broken into the Sodom and Gomorrah that is the “protected bike lane” with 17 blocks of the gloriously decadent stuff in college town, Lincoln.

As you might expect, there are complaints.  Teeth are being gnashed. Ver is being klempted.

And as is always the case, the news story outlining the understandable confusion inherent in creating a new traffic situation not only quotes folks on either side of the newfangled idea, it also allows for the unhealthy exchange of “ideas” from commenters on the story.

You know, when we in the public started really using the Interwebs, say around 1990, we sure thought the World Wide Web was gonna lead to heightened public discussion and an enlightened citizenry.

We have been proven very, very wrong.

The comments to this story could be copy/pasted from/into just about every bike lane news story, but there are always little nuances that make rubbernecking such threads sometimes worthwhile. Here, note the fixation with whether the adventurous cyclist pictured in the snowy photo is breaking the law by running the red light.

Ah, the enlightened citizenry exhibiting their deft prose via verbal lunge, parry and riposte…good to see!

If it makes you/me feel any better, I’m currently reading a biography of U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren and, back in the day, he and his fellow justices were sent veritable “excrement” via U.S. Post in response to decisions such as Brown v. Board. That’s in addition to the de rigueur accusations of being communists, and worse.

In other words, things have been historically tough all over when it comes to trying new, possibly improved, things. And so I applaud the Lincoln, Nebraska folks who are overcoming the inevitable, and perhaps veritable, excrement thrown their way as they propel Nebraska into the brazenly atheistic, socialistic and anti-vehicular 21st Century ways of the protected bike lane. Hail Satan! Hail Central Planning!


Just wait until Lincoln gets its first two-way cycle track.  Hell, just wait until Albuquerque does. Fun, enlightened times…


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