Moving For The Better

Howdy Burque Babble Friends:

If you’re not already aware, I’ve started up a new blog (because by God we don’t have enough blogs!) called “Better Burque.” The idea is to, uh, umm…well, ah shucks: make Burque Better.

The idea is to also induct, cajole and corral interested parties in joining me at Better Burque as writers, artists, ranters, ravers, etc. into a glorious commune of thoughts, ideas and epiphanies toward, uh, well, making Burque Better.

That name again, Better Burque.

We’ll be writing/discussing (note the use of the plural first person) education, transportation, urban planning and probably throw some satire in there, because to mis-paraphrase Emma Goldman, if your revolution doesn’t include satire, I’m not interested.

So come join us, both/either as reader and/or contributor. It don’t cost nothin’ and it don’t pay nothin’. No subscription fees and no W-9 forms to worry about.

That name again, Better Burque.

As for Burque Babble, knowing my nostalgic bent and the fact I’ve been very erratically writing here for 11 freakin’ years, I’ll probably drop by from time to time to look through the ‘ol blog high school yearbook and cry via prose while thinking about the comments you, dear friends, wrote over the years. Ah, it won’t be that bad. I promise.

But it will be infrequent. So follow me, if you care to, over to Better Burque.

That name again, Better Burque.

And if you choose not to, let me sincerely pass along my thanks for your having taken the time to ever read anything posted here, regardless of how silly and poorly written it very well may have been.



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